Kendall Marrone

I didn’t think I could change my body shape, fitness level, or strength… and then I met John. I was 1.5 years post having a child (and suffered from diastasis recti), and had tried various cardio and diet regimes to tone up and lose the lingering weight. Nothing had worked. I walked into Vigor Fitness and met John. He instantly evaluated my physical strengths and weaknesses, and we scheduled sessions for twice a week. Over the course of 4/5 months I lost weight, and gained strength and muscle tone. It was always a pleasure to workout with John. He is extremely knowledgeable and considerate of how exercises will effect his clients. He brings something new to every session and knows exactly how far to challenge a client. Vigor Fitness became a home away from home; and I would still be attending 1:1 sessions if I hadn’t left the area.

And thank you for helping me achieve my goals!