Kevin Fahey

I am amazed at the progress I have made in the past 26 months since you started training with me and rehabilitating my shoulder. Following my serious shoulder injury, and surgery to repair my rotator cuff and labrum, I doubted I would be able to return to competitive tennis. My fears were becoming a reality after completing one year of physical therapy with a group associated with the orthopedics office. I had very little strength in my shoulder or right arm and it was still painful to lift my arm above my head.

Then we started working together and within 6 months I made significant gains in both my strength and range of motion. Now following 2 years of training, at 57 years of age, I feel in the best shape of my life and my shoulder is as strong as it has ever been. I am also back to old form on the tennis court.

John, I have really enjoyed training with you. No two training sessions are ever the same and your balance between cardio and strength exercises keep the sessions from being monotonous. You are a gifted trainer who has helped motivate and challenge me to be in better physical shape than I had ever imagined.

James Book

John’s program is hands-down the single biggest reason that my son was able to make a transition from playing youth sports to playing competitive high school sports. His approach is complete, balanced and positive, with the emphasis not solely on getting stronger but really on getting better.

He is a true professional who recognizes what bodies in development need.  He is informative and persistent with proper training and conditioning, coupled with nutritional guidance which helps these young adults learn the power of proper lifestyle decisions. John’s influence on my kid’s development far outweighs the benefit he could have possibly gotten from yet another skills camp, tournament or showcase event.

Thank you John for everything, Jack looks forward to working with you for the balance of high school and during his college career, which you have made possible

Reed Barthold

I have been working with John of John Carlozzi Strength & Conditioning for the past 9 months and it has completely changed my life. At the start of summer 2013 leading into my senior year, I weighed over 250lbs and was grossly obese. For as long as I can remember, I have been overweight and lacked the motivation to do anything about it. However, when I came to John in June of 2013, he gave me the motivation and support necessary to change my life.

Over the summer months, I lost nearly 50lbs and went into the new school year as a completely different person. I had confidence I never knew I could have, I had tons of energy, and most importantly, I was happy. John acted as someone more than a personal trainer. Not only did he give me the nutritional and exercise information I needed, but he offered constant support and insight that was necessary for me to keep working. After the first two weeks of trying to change your lifestyle, your motivation quickly dies and you need something or someone to keep pushing you. John did just that for me and I can honestly say he changed my life.

I exercise nearly every day now, and am finally becoming comfortable with my body image and health. If anyone would like to contact me about John and his training, I would be happy to answer any questions.

Elizabeth Phillips

I have been working with John for eight months and have seen incredible results in that time. I met John right after having a complicated knee surgery. With patience, compassion, and just the right touch of humor, John has skillfully guided me through both physical therapy and strength training. While he has carefully worked to help me repair the strength and flexibility in my knee, John has added a customized personal training component to my workouts.

I thought I was pretty familiar with what trainers could offer, but I was wrong. John has never offered a ‘cookie- cutter’ routine for me to follow. Each customized session is individually designed to challenge and motivate me. John’s passion about fitness shows in the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. He makes each workout both challenging and fun. John has motivated me to push past my perceived limitations and I have never felt better or been in better shape.

Cheryl Palmer

I have been working with John for the past six months and I am stronger and fitter than I have been in the past several years. Working out in the convenience of my own home has been phenomenal and really helped me stay committed to my fitness regime.

What I think sets John apart from all other personal training services is the full integration of the program – John’s approach encompasses strength building, cardio, diet and nutrition. John’s expertise in physiology of the body truly comes into play when working through injured areas and building supporting strength. I strongly recommend John & his training.

Drew Davis

This summer while training with John, I reached my goal of gaining twenty pounds of muscle going from 185 to 205. I did this while still maintaining a 4.6 forty time. My lifts went up dramatically, with my bench press lift reaching a max of 365 lbs from a previous 325 lbs. Along with this I went from repetitions of lifting 225 pounds 12 times to 24 times. One of the most important things John focused on was my squat and other areas of my body, which previously I didn’t target as much. My squat went from 375 to 455 pounds. John’s workout program also targeted my back and core. I was able to do over 40 pull-ups by the end of the summer.

I am a perfect example of the improvement you will see by going to John, especially if you are a college athlete looking to improve in any category, whether for cardio or your lift. You will be able to train with a great guy, a guy I now call a close, and dear friend of mine. John’s passion for fitness and health makes you want to train instead of looking at training as a chore and a hassle.

Kendall Marrone

I didn’t think I could change my body shape, fitness level, or strength… and then I met John. I was 1.5 years post having a child (and suffered from diastasis recti), and had tried various cardio and diet regimes to tone up and lose the lingering weight. Nothing had worked. I walked into John Carlozzi Strength & Conditioning and met John. He instantly evaluated my physical strengths and weaknesses, and we scheduled sessions for twice a week. Over the course of 4/5 months I lost weight, and gained strength and muscle tone. It was always a pleasure to workout with John. He is extremely knowledgeable and considerate of how exercises will effect his clients. He brings something new to every session and knows exactly how far to challenge a client. John Carlozzi Stength & Conditioning became a home away from home; and I would still be attending 1:1 sessions if I hadn’t left the area.

Thank you for helping me achieve my goals!

Heidi Sanford

I have worked with a few trainers over the years, and John was by far the best. He is incredibly caring, kind, fun, and professional. What I loved most about our workouts was his commitment to my goals and the way he was able to constantly mix things up so our sessions were never boring. I looked forward to working out every time! John is extremely educated in anatomy and physiology in general and he takes his job seriously. He was always ready to work with me at my scheduled time, and he was 100% devoted to me for the duration of our session. He would always check in on me after our workouts. Rather than finishing early, he would make sure we got in everything we needed to do, even if we ran over a few minutes. He is truly committed to his client’s overall wellbeing rather than just being focused on making money, which is totally refreshing. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to become their healthiest, happiest self.

Neal Bantens

John is not your typical trainer. He is very in the moment, and has an agenda. But he gives it to you in doses, organically, seemingly random and unpredictable. He rarely uses a clipboard. He is always one step ahead of you. He knows how much, how many and how often you need on every set. And he never repeats, every work out is different. I have trained with him since 2008, and I have never had the same workout once. It kinda blows my mind. I can’t remember what shirt I wore yesterday, but he remembers everything I have done, and how many more I need to do. My solo workouts never push me as much as John does, and I try. He manages to get you going and then some every time.

This all happens while chatting, informally exchanging and building a history, developing a connection and creating a comfort and confidence that evolves into a friendship. I can’t imagine ever stopping now. If I would just stop drinking so much beer I would be a stud muffin. Thank you John!