Lisa Lindley

Darien Girls Lacrosse Coach – CT Grizzlies Co-Founder

John Carlozzi strength training is top notch. My perspective is unique in that I am a mom with  2 sons that work with John but also I am the Girls lacrosse coach at Darien High  and all of my high school girls work with John.

My oldest son gained 20 pounds of muscle  between his senior year in HS and Freshmen year at College and also increased his overall strength dramatically. My younger son increased his quickness and core body strength over a period of 6 months. He loves the workouts John designs and looks forward to his motivating ways.

Because of the results I saw with my sons I knew I had to get my lacrosse girls working with John. For the past 4 years Darien Girls Lacrosse as well as several Ct Grizzlies do several different workouts. John is very good at accessing an individual and designing a program that addresses their needs. I have seen the results in that my girls are physically stronger, quicker and have better endurance.

Anyone who wants to get their game to the next level needs to invest time in the weight room. Do yourself a favor and train with the best, John Carlozzi.

Jeff Brameier

Darien Boys Lacrosse Coach – CT Chargers Founder

I have been the Boys’ Lacrosse Coach at Darien High School for the past 33 years and have had the privilege of knowing and working with John Carlozzi for the past 10 of them.  I have witnessed firsthand the impact he has had not only on my athletes, but also on my family.

As a sports performance coach, John is absolutely one of the best!  He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and uses a plethora of diverse training methods to maximize the potential in each of his clients.  He is tough when he needs to be, pushing each client passed their perceived limits, but maintains a sense of compassion and warmth in each of his training sessions.  He is passionate about what he does and it shows through in the energy and enthusiasm he brings to each and every work-out.  Most importantly, he has an amazing sense of humor and an out-going personality, making each intense session extremely fun and rewarding.

I have worked with many trainers over my coaching career, but none have made more of an impact then John on the successes of my program and the athletes he has worked with.  My players are lucky to have such a wonderful influence in their lives and I am proud to call him my friend.

Rob Trifone

Darien Football Coach

Our football program began to use John Carlozzi as one of our trainers almost a decade ago.  As time went on, I have shifted more and more of both our off-season and in-season training to John.  Our rise to the top as one of the best football programs in the state is a direct reflection of John’s commitment, passion and dedication to the overall fitness of every single member of our team.

His ability to get to know his clients and personalize their workouts in very creative, often non-traditional training techniques keeps our student-athletes engaged and they are constantly encouraged by the gains they have been able to make under John.