Drew Davis

This summer while training with John, I reached my goal of gaining twenty pounds of muscle going from 185 to 205. I did this while still maintaining a 4.6 forty time. My lifts went up dramatically, with my bench press lift reaching a max of 365 lbs from a previous 325 lbs. Along with this I went from repetitions of lifting 225 pounds 12 times to 24 times. One of the most important things John focused on was my squat and other areas of my body, which previously I didn’t target as much. My squat went from 375 to 455 pounds. John’s workout program also targeted my back and core. I was able to do over 40 pull-ups by the end of the summer.

I am a perfect example of the improvement you will see by going to John, especially if you are a college athlete looking to improve in any category, whether for cardio or your lift. You will be able to train with a great guy, a guy I now call a close, and dear friend of mine. John’s passion for fitness and health makes you want to train instead of looking at training as a chore and a hassle.