Kevin Fahey

I have worked with a few trainers over the years, and John was by far the best. He is incredibly caring,┬ákind, fun, and professional. What I loved most about our workouts was his commitment to my goals and the way he was able to constantly mix things up so our sessions were never boring. I looked forward to working out every time! John is extremely educated in anatomy and physiology in general and he takes his job seriously. He was always ready to work with me at my scheduled time, and he was 100% devoted to me for the duration of our session. He would always check in on me after our workouts. Rather than finishing early, he would make sure we got in everything we needed to do, even if we ran over a few minutes. He is truly committed to his client’s overall wellbeing rather than just being focused on making money, which is totally refreshing. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to become their healthiest, happiest self.