Neal Bantens

John is not your typical trainer. He is very in the moment, and has an agenda. But he gives it to you in doses, organically, seemingly random and unpredictable. He rarely uses a clipboard. He is always one step ahead of you. He knows how much, how many and how often you need on every set. And he never repeats, every work out is different. I have trained with him since 2008, and I have never had the same workout once. It kinda blows my mind. I can’t remember what shirt I wore yesterday, but he remembers everything I have done, and how many more I need to do. My solo workouts never push me as much as John does, and I try. He manages to get you going and then some every time.

This all happens while chatting, informally exchanging and building a history, developing a connection and creating a comfort and confidence that evolves into a friendship. I can’t imagine ever stopping now. If I would just stop drinking so much beer I would be a stud muffin. Thank you John!